Monday, April 19, 2010

Packrat City

My husband and I have too much stuff. Some if it could be considered worthwhile, like my playbills from the theater in London and old travel brochures. But I also have obsolete business files and day planners.

We could probably live in a small, comfortable townhouse if we'd just get rid of our stuff. Books and more books, old linens, old frying pans. I always mean to get rid of these things but I'm much too busy. Besides, I find it upsetting to part with stuff. And yet one day, someone will have to sort through all this stuff. Even if I've moved on to my next karmic level. My stuff will have to endure the scrutiny of strangers so these things can be discarded or recycled.

I never look at the stuff except when I see a pile of it and think, I'm never gonna need this stuff again, am I?

Anyone in the same (packed) boat? Do you keep things around long past their prime for sentimental reasons?

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