Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Okay, I'm a writer. But I'm also a reader, and I love to read a variety of things from news magazines to The Vermont Country Store catalog. I'm crazy about mysteries as well as romances. I love fast thrillers by writer Daniel Silva. I adore historical mysteries by Ariana Franklin. I'm just beginning to follow writer Michael Connelly. In fact, I've been overseeing a mystery group for a year and we'll be reading THE LINCOLN LAWYER in June.

Often these mystery books have a passionate affair as a subplot which satisfies the romance reader in me.

I adore humor, too. I'm a big fan of Janet Evanovitch and Nelson DeMille. Evanovitch and DeMille manage to write page turners which also happen to be hilariously funny -- something I hope to accomplish in my next book, A CLAUSE FOR MURDER, which is a cross between chick-lit and a mystery. I suppose it should be labeled a cozy. But it's very modern and hilariously funny.

Because funny is always good.

In my new book NIGHT GLITTER, a romance which is out now, my character, Lupe Cardona often offers comic relief for the novel. She's a complex character. Readers may initially find her obnoxious, if not ridiculous. But she's supposed to be funny. Later on, the reader will discover that her behavior is based on a life filled with intense complications.

Of course, NIGHT GLITTER is the sequel to NIGHT JAZZ, a time travel novel. NIGHT GLITTER begins in 1932 and takes place in both New York and Hollywood during the Great Depression. And thanks to murderous thugs, a silent film heart-breaker named Franky Wyatt and enough sizzling scenes to make your heart pound, the book should appeal to mystery and romance readers.

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